Single Campaign Medals

Afghanistan Medal 1878-80

A.01 In silver – no clasps
Surgeon E.S. Brander, 41st Bengal Native Infantry

The medal is engraved: Surgn. E.S. Brander, M.B., 41st Ben: N:I:


Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Edward Salisbury Brander was born at Bengal, India in September 1854, the son of Lieutenant General Mangles James Brander of the Bengal Staff Corps.

He studied medicine at Edinburgh University. He was appointed a Surgeon in the Indian Medical Service in October 1877, promoted Surgeon Major in October 1889, and Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel in October 1897. Most of his service was with the 41st (Gwalior) Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry.

He died at Shahjahanpur, India in November 1902.

Some surface scratches (mostly to the obverse) and three edge 'bruises'.

Egypt Medal 1882-89

A.02 Dated 1882 – no clasps
2194 Pte. A Cunnington - 1st Royal Sussex Regiment

The Medal Roll (copy of entry supplied) confirms entitlement and shows that he was "Invalided to England".

A few minor edge 'bruises' otherwise GVF.

Khedive's Star 1882-91

A.03 Dated 1882
A.04 Dated 1884
A.05 Dated 1884-86
A.06 Undated
A.07 Undated with "Tokar" clasp

General Service Medal 1918-1962

A.08 Geo.Vl issue: clasp Palestine 1945-48
14092063 L/Cpl. L.W. Marshall - Royal Signals

Possible official correction to the number and rank.

Medal is in the original, named box of issue with enclosure letter, and in the original, registered envelope in which it was sent – which provides a (1950) home address in Kegworth, Derbyshire.

With original documentation: his Soldier's Service and Pay Book (AB.64), Soldier's Release Book, and Record of Service card.

Leslie William Marshall was born in October 1927, and was a bakery roundsman when he was 'called up' in November 1945. He was discharged in August 1948

The Medal Roll (copy of entry supplied) confirms the medal and clasp entitlement.
A.09 EllR issue: clasp: Malaya
22314941 Tpr. J.R. Purvis - 13th/18th Hussars

Some light surface scratches
A.10 EllR issue: clasp Malaya
23178655 Sigmn. D.L. Tamplin - Royal Signals

Nicely toned, and in the original, named box of issue.
A.11 EllR issue: clasp: Malaya
23287411 Gnr. R.L. Kingsley - Royal Artillery

Nicely toned
A.12 EllR issue: clasp: Malaya
23387510 Cfn. C. Stewart - R.E.M.E.

Nicely toned, and in named box of issue.

General Service Medal 1962-2007

A.13 Clasps: Borneo & Malay Peninsula
Lieutenant J.D. McPetrie -Royal Navy


James Duncan McPetrie was appointed Midshipman in May 1959, promoted Sub Lieutenant in September 1960, Lieutenant in October 1962, Lieutenant Commander in October 1970, and Commander in June 1976.

He served on various ships during his long career in the Royal Navy, including the minesweeper HMS Belton, the frigates HMS Salisbury (Indonesian Confrontation), HMS Scarborough & HMS Bacchante (1st Lieutenant), and the guided missile destroyer HMS Devonshire.

HMS Bacchante played a major role in the "Third Cold War" in 1975

His last seagoing appointment was as Commander of the type 21 frigate HMS Arrow.

From 1979-1981 he was a Staff Officer at HQ Allied Command Atlantic (NATO).

He emigrated to New Zealand in the mid-1980s, and worked as a moorings officer with the Auckland Harbour Board – later becoming Harbourmaster. He retired in 2004.

Mounted as worn as a single medal. The Malay Peninsula clasp is loose on the ribbon, which is very faded. Just a few, minor contact marks.